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Our starting commission rate of 30% is generally fixed. However, we do review tutors periodically and may adjust your hourly price depending on tutor performance, which includes, but is not limited to, your tutor reviews, hours tutoring on Int-learn, feedback from students etc.

New tutors typically start with an hourly rate of $35 USD after commission. Please note, like any extra income, you are expected to pay taxes on your income over a certain figure. This is your own responsibility to declare it properly depending on where you are from and where you reside.

Our payment system is flexible. We are happy to transfer you your payment(s) at your request! Your income will continue to accumulate until you request it.

Please note that any costs incurred to transfer your payment will be deducted from the transfer amount. We therefore recommend you to only transfer the payment once in a while.

The cost for an international transfer includes a fixed rate of , and a bank commission of 0.05% that has a minimum and a cap.

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    Please note that the actual amount received may also depend on your bank’s exchange rates. Therefore, Int-learn cannot be held liable for any currency fluctuations.

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